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About the Print

Our exclusive artwork launched on the Year of the Tiger – Chinese New Year’s Day 2022 and is a vibrant depiction of a tigress and her two cubs in the jungle. Created by Bristol-based artist Holy Moly this original print is packed full of symbolism. It’s all in the details…

Tigers are a part of humankind’s ancient histories…

…And we wanted our shared ancient past to feature in the artwork. You’ll see the ‘Mountain King’ featuring in the background of this artwork, the swirling image is based on neolithic petroglyphs (rock carvings) found in the remote Helan mountains in China. Archaeologists believe these petroglyphs date from between 3000 and 10,000 years old. We wanted to feature them in our print as an important symbol of humankind’s earliest relationship with and worship of these magnificent cats. The ‘Mountain King’ also features as our campaign logo.

Fire and Water

You’ll see our wild tiger family are stepping through water in the artwork. 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac – a period of great change. Water also symbolises vitality, our own reflections and looking to the future of life on Earth. A large disc like sun appears behind the tigers, symbolising fire and a bright new dawn. The fiery sun for us represents hope in reimagining the futures of humans and all species on Earth.

Powerful flowers and swirling mists

Our print depicts the world’s largest flower – the rafflesia which represents Indonesia, home to the Sumatran tiger. The orange flowers in the bottom right are Amur Adonis (Adonis Amurensis) – which are found in the Russian Far East and so represent the Amur or Siberian Tiger and Adonis the god of beauty. Flashes of bamboo in the artwork represent the tiger’s home across all its range countries, including Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar. White (Star Grass Lily), orange (Orange Kerala dendrobium) and pink/orange (the ‘Flame Tree’, Royal Poinciana) flowers represent the tiger in her Indian subcontinent. The white swirling mists represent her where she exists at her highest altitudes, the Kingdom of Bhutan.