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Wildlife Asia projects are supported heavily by grants and private donations. These funds are often restricted to specific activities and very often leave large gaps in human resources, administration and operating costs of our field programs as well as ongoing project development. Unrestricted funds are invaluable to our programs and allow us to allocate funds based on current and emerging priorities.

These funds allow us to react to evolving situations in a timely manner, ensuring the best conservation outcomes.

Please consider making a general donation to Wildlife Asia today.

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Wildlife Asia works hand in hand with local communities, authorities and NGOs to protect wildlife and habitat in landscapes with critically important biodiversity.

A trusted and efficient organization, we are committed to ensuring both immediate protection for wildlife as well as building the foundations for long-term sustainability of conservation efforts and the co-existence of humans and wildlife.

Your donation will be used to support Wildlife Asia’s programs including Wildlife Protection Units, Protected Area development, rehabilitation and reintroduction programs, community education and livelihood development.

Wildlife Asia is a registered charitable organization with tax deductibility in Australia.

501(c) (3) status is available via our Friends of Wildlife Asia Fund. Please contact us to make tax deductible donations from the US.

For more information about Wildlife Asia, you can visit our website or read our most recent Annual Report here.

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