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Led by Wildlife Asia, ‘Our World Needs Wild’ is an exciting creative partnership with UK artist Holy Moly, to raise much needed funds for wild tigers through original art.

Launching in the Year of Tiger, 2022 is an important year to get tiger conservation to the top of the agenda. It is 12 years since tiger conservationists, scientists and governments came together and pledged to double tiger numbers in the wild by 2022 – known as TX2.

In some areas in tiger landscapes in Asia wild tiger numbers are increasing, such as in Nepal, India and Bhutan. But in Southeast Asian countries they are slipping towards extinction due to illegal poaching and habitat loss. Help us to protect the populations on a knife edge in Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar.

If we act now to live more sustainably, we can help tigers and our own species survive an uncertain future.

Help us raise critical funds in the Year of the Tiger

Our world needs wild to survive.

Wildlife Asia stands beside local NGOs and communities, supporting their vision for a sustainable future. A future that ensures the persistence of peace, cultural values and traditions, sustainable development opportunities and of course the protection of wildlife and habitat.

We have one clear goal for 2022: to raise critical funds for our tiger projects in the Year of the Tiger.

Time is running out for tigers

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant devastating funding cuts to all our projects from Indonesia to Southeast Asia. The added pressure of a military coup in one of our key conservation areas in Myanmar means our project in the Salween Peace Park has suffered since early 2021. This tumultuous conflict in this part of the world is once again wreaking havoc and devastation on local communities. It also means cut funding for wildlife conservation and increased pressures on wild tiger populations there.

In the rest of Southeast Asia, the picture is just as bleak for wild tigers, who are under daily threat from illegal poaching and trafficking, retaliatory killings, and disappearing habitats thanks to deforestation and fragmentation.

Every species deserves their place on Planet Earth. Help us protect the mightiest with one powerful purchase.