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Vital funds raised from the Our World Needs Wild campaign will be used to fund key actions in Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar.

Here’s what we’ll do:


Protect tigers from poachers

Being present on the frontline of important forest habitats is our biggest weapon against illegal tiger poaching. Our rangers do important work to patrol, disable snares and remove poisoned bait.

ranger with snare

Keep a watchful eye

By monitoring and studying wild tiger populations using camera trap surveys, we can better learn from and protect their species.

Empower locals

Working with communities living in tiger habitats is crucial to conservation. We support them by creating sustainable livelihood opportunities, encouraging peace, preserving their indigenous cultural and helping to protect their environment for both species.

All proceeds from the sale of our print will go to our tiger projects in Southeast Asia, in the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia, and the Salween Peace Park in Myanmar, and the Salawin Forest Complex in Thailand.

Our partners

We work with local grassroots and international NGOs to add power to our projects across the region including the Karen Environmental and Social Action Network, Freeland Foundation, The Asian Rhino Project, and the International Elephant Project.