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90% of Wildlife Asia’s spending is directed towards our field programs, supporting on-ground wildlife conservation activities. As a lean organisation, with minimal overheads, we demonstrate a commitment to our donors that their contributions will have a direct impact on protecting species and habitat.

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Annual Report 2022

Wildlife Asia Annual Report

A Message from our Executive Director

2022-Milestones and Musings

In November 2021 Wildlife Asia celebrated our 10-year Anniversary! Upon our inception, we represented a collaboration between several long-standing species focused groups, so in effect this milestone represents a considerably longer contribution to wildlife conservation in Asia. Still a significant milestone, and a chance to reflect on our evolution, growth and impact throughout the last decade.

It certainly feels like in recent times there has been a shift towards our narrative becoming mainstream. As we align our messaging with the global agenda to mitigate climate change, we are now fighting a common cause. 20 years ago it felt as this this was ‘new’ information to many of our audiences. I am not sure if that represents progress on our part or is more a reflection of the urgency with which we must now protect biodiversity. Either way, it makes our role simultaneously simpler and more difficult. We no longer need to convince authorities, communities and donors as to the importance of protecting wildlife , but we also become an even smaller cog in a giant wheel of worthy environmental causes seeking support. Strong relationships with grant makers, communities and donors however, place Wildlife Asia on solid ground as we move forward to strengthen our impact on conservation throughout Asia.

Our goal has always been to build capacity of local communities and organisations to be self-sufficient, something that we are well on the way to achieving with many of our partners and we are continually inspired by the dedication and outstanding efforts of the field teams we are proud to support.

With both predictable and unforeseen challenges that lay ahead, we remain committed and ready to deliver on all that we can to ensure forests and wildlife are safe into the future.

Thank you for joining us!

Clare Campbell
Executive Director