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91% of Wildlife Asia’s spending is directed towards our field programs, supporting on-ground wildlife conservation activities. As a lean organisation, with minimal overheads, we demonstrate a commitment to our donors that their contributions will have a direct impact on protecting species and habitat.

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Annual Report 2019

Wildlife Asia Annual Report

A Message from our Executive Director

Facilitating community-based conservation is without doubt the most satisfying element of our work at Wildlife Asia. It is that shift from those small welfare or species focused victories, to laying the foundations for effective long-term biodiversity management to be implemented by the genuine custodians of these lands.

A sense of responsibility is of course what drives us, but to recognise our role as supporters rather than implementers is a valuable shift in mindset for modern day conservationists.

The inclusion and consideration of human rights should be at the forefront of all we do, even more important as foreign facilitators of conservation initiatives.

Thank you to our supporters for placing trust in Wildlife Asia to develop effective long-term solutions and to respond appropriately to emerging issues impacting wildlife and habitat.

We look forward to the challenges that 2020 brings!

Clare Campbell
Executive Director