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Little Irma has a remarkable story. In November 2015, Irma and another young gibbon were found strapped to a woman’s leg underneath her Islamic dress as she was boarding a plane in Jakarta, bound for Kuwait. The woman was arrested and the gibbons rescued but sadly, only Irma made it, with the other infant succumbing to stress and dehydration. Despite being taken from her mother at an incredibly young age, Irma will still have the chance to learn the skills required for survival in the wild. She will need intensive rehabilitation for many years and once she is paired with a suitable mate will be able to taste freedom again in the forests of Java.

For just $55/year you can support Irma’s rehabilitation and help get her back to the forests of Java, where she belongs.

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Wildlife Asia works hand in hand with local communities, authorities and NGOs to protect wildlife and habitat in landscapes with critically important biodiversity.

A trusted and efficient organization, we are committed to ensuring both immediate protection for wildlife as well as building the foundations for long-term sustainability of conservation efforts and the co-existence of humans and wildlife.

Your donation will be used to support Wildlife Asia’s programs including Wildlife Protection Units, Protected Area development, rehabilitation and reintroduction programs, community education and livelihood development.


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